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LQR House’s Owned and Operated Brands
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Brands We’ve Worked With

Witnessing Alcohol E-Commerce Growth First Hand

  • Since our acquisition of SWŌL Tequila in March 2021, purchase orders for SWŌL Tequila have increased.  LQR has responded to this increase in demand by expanding the product line to include SWŌL Peach and Cristalino.
  • Marketing clients continue to enter into longer duration contracts for services, which we believe demonstrates the viability of our marketing efforts to generate brand presence and increase sales.

Approved Marketing Agreement

LQR House has an exclusive marketing agreement with cwspirits.com, which Includes exclusive rights to marketing on the CWS platform, direct access to the company’s established network of influencers, and rights to sell marketing placements to other brands.

E-commerce + Branding Expertise

Brands pay LQR to design and market their alcohol products and to create awareness campaigns

  • Logo Design
  • Banner Ads
  • Web Design
  • Email Features

To facilitate import and export in the United States, LQR house has strategic relationships with established companies across the US.

  • Premium placement on CWSpirits.com through exclusive licensing agreement
Brick & Mortar
  • Premium placement in 8 CWS locations across San Diego
  • Strong relationship with a producer in Jalisco, Mexico to create our exclusive Swōl Tequila blends that are then imported to San Diego.
  • We provide targeted marketing and CWSpirits.com ships the most popular and hard to find bottles of alcohol across the USA, directly to customers homes.
  • volume discounts, vast selection, corporate clients, we have built strong relationships with some of the largest companies.

Our Experienced Team

Revolutionizing the alcohol

  • Decades of Experience in Alcohol, FInance, Technology, Marketing And Distribution
  • Positioned in high growth segments of a stable and mature industry
  • Proprietary brands and pipeline of investment and acquisition opportunities
  • Exclusive Industry Relationships to advance brands
  • Innovation in branding and packaging. Every bottle of SWŌL Tequila is labelled with a sew on patch.
  • Clear Financial Vision and simple capital structure
Growth in U.S. Alcohol Ecommerce

LQR House ideally positioned to capture the growth in ecommerce alcohol distribution through strategic partnership with CWS:

  • The global ecommerce market for alcohol is predicted to almost double in 2021, with close to a 42% increase since 2020.

    Source: Vaimo Core of Commerce

  • Between 2020-2025, total beverage alcohol ecommerce sales across key global markets are expected to grow by +66%, to reach more than US$42 billion.

    Source: IWSR Drinks Market Analysis

  • US is expected to exceed China as the biggest alcohol ecommerce market in the world.

    Source: Vaimo Core of Commerce

  • Millennials and those of recent drinking age pushing demand for greater customer experience and selection of unique brands available online.

    Source: IWSR Drinks Market Analysis

We believe, transition activity is reflecting an exciting market environment and emergence of new brands.

  • Shift to premium brands, ready-to-drink (RTD) products and direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models.

    Source: PWC

  • As a result of this shift, larger alcoholic beverage companies, such as Diageo and Bacardi have engaged in the acquisition of premium spirits, and RTD companies.

    Source: PWC

  • From January 2016 to December 2020, there were a reported 97 deals made, accounting for over $45.1 billion

    Source: PWC

Source: PWC

Percentage of consumers purchasing new brands who responded “I am buying new brands even when my usual brands are available”

The numbers below represent the results from a study where consumers were asked about changes in their shopping behaviors due to the pandemic.

Source: PWC

Join us as we become the digital face of the alcoholic beverage industry

Through a house of brands blending product innovation, marketing, and third-party distribution, LQR House is mixing technology and alcohol to address what we believe to be two of the largest industries in the United States.

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