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"Working with Lonnie and LQR house team was the best thing that happened to our small business! The first month of working together, our Honey Vodka went viral! We had so many people come up and tell us that they just saw our vodkas on TikTok or Instagram. And that was just month 1… since then we have had consistent sales and have further deepened our relationship with LQR House. With Lonnies marketing strategy, I feel confident in competing with all the big boy brands!

"Partnering with LQR House has been a true privilege, especially in an era where the alcohol industry is undergoing rapid evolution, demanding innovation across sales, marketing, and distribution. In this landscape, our innovative product, Slrrrp Shots, required a unique approach, one that LQR House has mastered to a tee. Their prowess in navigating these complex dynamics has not only driven our brand's growth but also elevated our presence within the industry. Particularly noteworthy is how their pathways have enabled us to reach consumers in markets where our traditional distribution channels are still being fostered. As we forge ahead, the idea of continuing this collaborative journey with Sean Dollinger and his accomplished team fills us with excitement and confidence, knowing that our brand is in the hands of top-tier partners."