A1’s Top 5 Most Undervalued Nasdaq Stocks, By Our DDDD (Deep Dive Due Diligence)

Let’s begin by saying that any investment is risky. When you invest, only do so on your own due diligence. Anything can happen:  When Covid news went worldwide in March 2020,

even the greats tumbled. Tesla fell to $103. Boeing fell to $113 pre-market, $145 avg EOD.

 Having said that, with Covid hopefully and largely a thing of the past, we wish to share our research and thoughts on the top 5 most undervalued stocks, after our deep dive of due diligence.

#1: INPX Inpixon.  

According to Yahoo Finance, the split and dilution adjusted price was $2,686.50 in April 2019. The company has grown and grown, is spinning off Damon motorcycles, which is setting major dyno and other speed records, already spun off CXApp Inc, which had a major run shortly after its birth. It is now set to merge with XTI, an electric aircraft company, which has $7.1 B in pre-orders. Closing was stated to complete by 3-31-2024.


#2 HKD AMTD Digital 

The legend, the all time 3 day gainer, went from $10 to $2,550 in early August 2022. Inexplicably it has fallen below $4/sh, and the company has not diluted, in fact it has bough back $40 million in shares in the last 2 quarters.

It’s just a matter of time for this now French company, who had 3 major box office movie hits recently, and boasts a proud WSJ

Tangible book value of $16.75/sh

#3 HOLO MicroCloud Hologram Inc 

Recently this stock did a mini HKD run, approx 1/3 of it in one day, reaching from $1.50 to $113. It is set to join a communications group, with their amazing holographic ChatGPT similation, and already offer

their services to an unknown EV maker in China, likely BYD.

With a micro float of 1.1m, its volume and volatility are legendary already. Any day, anything can happen. But even

long term holders can be rewarded, as the future of this

company is so bright, all their employees and investors should wear shades.

(Since our writing this, Elon Musk has followed our Twitter page!…hmmm. Hint?)


#4 LQR Liquor House Recently performing a 50% dividend

 in shares, and receiving many new orders, the future is

unlimited for this company. With a vibrant CEO, valued partnerships, and loyal investor base, this should quadruple

or more soon


#5 ATHA Athira Pharma, Inc. 

We needed a pharma stock for this list, and SBFM came in a close second to Athira. The financials are strong for a clinical pharma, with very little debt, the catalysts and insider chatter for its Alzheimer’s treatments are extremely strong.


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