LQR House (LQR) Price Target Increased by 5900.00% to 306.00

The average one-year price target for LQR House (NASDAQ:LQR) has been revised to 306.00 / share. This is an increase of 5,900.00% from the prior estimate of 5.10 dated November 26, 2023.

The price target is an average of many targets provided by analysts. The latest targets range from a low of 303.00 to a high of 315.00 / share. The average price target represents an increase of 11,806.61% from the latest reported closing price of 2.57 / share.


What are Other Shareholders Doing?

Virtu Financial holds 105K shares representing 3.11% ownership of the company.

Citadel Advisors holds 70K shares representing 2.08% ownership of the company.

Hrt Financial holds 36K shares representing 1.08% ownership of the company.

Commonwealth Equity Services holds 17K shares representing 0.50% ownership of the company.

UBS Group holds 16K shares representing 0.47% ownership of the company.

LQR / LQR House Inc Shares Held by Institutions



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