Why NICE Are Trading Lower By Around 10%? Here Are Other Stocks Moving In Thursday’s Mid-Day Session


  • PhenomeX Inc.

    CELL+0.20%+ Free Alerts

    shares surged 138.3% to $0.9532. Bruker Corporation and PhenomeX reported a $108 million definitive agreement for Bruker to acquire PhenomeX in an all-cash transaction for $1 per share.

  • Tivic Health Systems, Inc.

    TIVC-7.00%+ Free Alerts

    shares jumped 39.1% to $0.0932. Tivic Health Systems shares jumped 80% on Wednesday after the company announced its funded study started enrollment for its non-invasive bioelectronic device approach to vagus nerve stimulation.

  • Sunlight Financial Holdings Inc.

    SUNL-14.5%+ Free Alerts

    climbed 36.9% to $0.2101 after declining 8% on Wednesday.

  • Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd.

    AHI-8.10%+ Free Alerts

    shares rose 30.2% to $5.00. Advanced Health Intelligence said it obtained overseas R&D reimbursement under Australia’s research and development tax incentive scheme.

  • Troika Media Group, Inc.

    TRKA-5.43%+ Free Alerts

    climbed 29% to $1.3794.

  • LSI Industries Inc.

    LYTS+5.11%+ Free Alerts

    gained 21.8% to $15.55 following better-than-expected fourth-quarter results.

  • BioNexus Gene Lab Corp.

    BGLC-22.7%+ Free Alerts

    surged 22.2% to $0.88.

  • ETAO International Co., Ltd.

    ETAO-4.48%+ Free Alerts

    rose 21% to $0.5600.

  • Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. 

    ASTI-7.24%+ Free Alerts

    gained 18.8% to $0.0799.

  • Super Group (SGHC) Limited

    jumped 18.7% to $3.4785 following strong quarterly results.

  • Catalyst Biosciences, Inc.

    CBIO+13.0%+ Free Alerts

    jumped 16.2% to $0.51.

  • Recruiter.com Group, Inc.

    RCRT-28.1%+ Free Alerts

    gained 15.1% to $0.2139. Job Mobz announced plans to acquire iconic Recruiter.com brand in cash and stock deal.

  • Gambling.com Group Limited

    GAMB-2.11%+ Free Alerts

    gained 14.3% to $14.51 as the company posted upbeat second-quarter results and raised FY23 guidance.

  • LQR House Inc.

    LQR-26.2%+ Free Alerts

    surged 13.5% to $1.93.

  • Modular Medical, Inc.

    MODD+22.2%+ Free Alerts

    shares gained 13.2% to $1.1550 after the company announced a partnership with Phillips-Medisize to expand insulin delivery alternatives.

  • Datasea Inc.

    DTSS-4.30%+ Free Alerts

    rose 10.3% to $0.59. Datasea announced a $4 million private placement priced at a 125% premium to market at $1.35 per share.

  • The Children’s Place, Inc.

    PLCE-2.26%+ Free Alerts

    jumped 9.4% to $29.01. Children’s Place reported a second-quarter FY23 sales decline of 9.3% year-on-year to $345.59 million, beating the analyst consensus of $342.64 million.

  • Avnet, Inc.

    gained 9.6% to $49.28 following strong quarterly results.

  • Triumph Group, Inc.

    TGI-1.65%+ Free Alerts

    rose 8.1% to $9.04.

  • Knightscope, Inc.

    KSCP-2.33%+ Free Alerts

    gained 6.8% to $1.2694 after falling 10% on Wednesday. The company recently posted upbeat quarterly results.


  • Creative Realities, Inc.

    CREX+8.95%+ Free Alerts

    shares fell 35.6% to $1.9050 after the company reported pricing of $6 million public offering of 3 million shares of common stock at $2 per share.

  • EMCORE Corporation 

    EMKR+5.59%+ Free Alerts

    fell 35.6% to $0.4889 after the company reported pricing of $15.8 million public offering.

  • Tremor International Ltd

    TRMR-5.75%+ Free Alerts

    fell 29.6% to $4.41 after the company reported financial and operating results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2023.

  • China Liberal Education Holdings Limited

    CLEU+11.8%+ Free Alerts

    fell 22.7% to $0.3363.

  • Amyris, Inc.

    AMRS-21.9%+ Free Alerts

    fell 21.3% to $0.0630.

  • Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

    NAII-0.37%+ Free Alerts

    fell 21.3% to $5.49. Natural Alternatives announced temporary closure of its new facility in Carlsbad, California.

  • Check-Cap Ltd.

    CHEK+17.0%+ Free Alerts

    fell 20.8% to $2.4374. Keystone Dental Holdings and Check-Cap entered into definitive business combination agreement.

  • KULR Technology Group, Inc. 

    shares tumbled 18.4% to $0.8811 after the company reported second-quarter financial results and announced a proposed public offering of common stock.

  • Wolfspeed, Inc. 

    WOLF-3.33%+ Free Alerts

    fell 18.4% to $43.40 after the company reported mixed fourth-quarter financial results and issued first-quarter adjusted EPS guidance below estimates.

  • G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd

    GMVD-7.90%+ Free Alerts

    fell 18.2% to $0.1551.

  • Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. 

    HE+14.5%+ Free Alerts

    fell 17.7% to $11.70 following a report suggesting the company is facing multiple lawsuits alleging negligence over the Maui fires and is intalks with financial restructuring firms.

  • Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc.

    NVOS-12.8%+ Free Alerts

    declined 16.3% to $0.1516.

  • Akari Therapeutics, Plc

    AKTX+10.0%+ Free Alerts

    fell 14.4% to $3.21.

  • Asure Software, Inc.

    ASUR+1.11%+ Free Alerts

    fell 14.2% to $11.89 after the company reported pricing of public offering of common stock.

  • AdaptHealth Corp.

    AHCO-0.69%+ Free Alerts

    fell 13.8% to $11.61.

  • UroGen Pharma Ltd.

    URGN+3.53%+ Free Alerts

    fell 12.9% to $18.70.

  • Calliditas Therapeutics AB

    CALT+3.14%+ Free Alerts

    declined 11.5% to $16.36 following second-quarter results..

  • Gold Fields Limited

    GFI+0.35%+ Free Alerts

    fell 11.4% to $11.27 as the company reported a decline in EPS for the half year.

  • CVS Health Corporation

    CVS+0.01%+ Free Alerts

    declined 10.6% to $64.98 following reports that Blue Shield of California plans to drop CVS’s Caremark as its pharmacy benefit manager.

  • Digital Brands Group, Inc. 

    DBGI+7.13%+ Free Alerts

    fell 10.3% to $0.70 after jumping 91% on Wednesday.

  • NICE Ltd.

    NICE-0.23%+ Free Alerts

    fell 9.7% to $190.96 after the company reported second-quarter financial results and issued guidance.

  • Akumin Inc. 

    AKU-3.33%+ Free Alerts

    shares fell 9.5% to $0.1511 after jumping 22% on Wednesday.

  • Madison Square Garden Sports Corp.

    MSGS-3.75%+ Free Alerts

    fell 7.1% to $190.99 following mixed fourth-quarter results and a decline in revenues.

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