LQR House Inc. and Cabal Tequila Partner for Dynamic Marketing and Awareness Campaign, Paving the way for COSTCO Shelf Placement in California via Alpha Distro Partnership

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2023 / LQR House Inc. (the “Company” or “LQR House”) (NASDAQ:LQR), proudly announces its partnership with Cabal Tequila, selecting LQR House to spearhead a bespoke marketing campaign. This initiative aims to generate viral content, elevating awareness and driving sales for Cabal Tequila. Capitalizing on LQR House’s partnership with Alpha Liquor Distributors LLC, renowned for its expertise with major retailers including Costco and Total Wine, the strategic effort focuses on securing Cabal Tequila’s placement on the shelves of these outlets, ensuring widespread visibility and a robust market presence.

In an era where the tequila industry is ablaze with every alcohol producer, celebrity, and influencer launching their own tequila lines, Cabal Tequila emerges as a brand that truly stands out. The distinctive horsehead-shaped bottle of Cabal Tequila perfectly aligns with LQR House’s expertise in creating viral campaigns around unique brands. LQR House’s team of influencers will kickstart the campaign by crafting engaging content for distribution across various social media platforms. Their efforts will not only boost Cabal Tequila’s visibility but also drive sales on our ecommerce platform, CWSpirits.com, acting as a catalyst for the brand to gain the recognition required for placement on the shelves of esteemed retailers such as Costco and Total Wine.

Cabal Tequila places an unwavering focus on quality, which is at the forefront of every decision the company makes. This commitment to quality extends beyond the iconic bottle shape and is reflected in every drop of their tequila. Family-owned since 1911, Cabal Tequila meticulously tends to every row in their single estate ‘campo,’ ensuring the removal of any impurities or “malezas.” The term “CABAL” itself draws inspiration from the Spanish word for gentleman, “caballero,” underscoring the idea that one must aspire to their full potential. The unique horsehead-shaped bottle design reflects the vibrant Charreria and horse culture in Jalisco, an integral part of Jaliscan culture where the nurturing of horses and agave mirrors the nurturing of one’s spirit, instilled with a passionate resolve to become both a noble steed and noble in spirit.

Sean Dollinger, CEO of LQR House, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “When I first laid eyes on the horsehead-shaped bottle, I was immediately captivated. It exudes an irresistible charm that compels you to open it right away. Beyond its striking bottle, Cabal Tequila is exceptionally smooth and belongs to the highest echelons of quality within its price category. This is not just a gimmicky product; it’s built on tradition and tells a compelling story. I have a deep appreciation for great narratives, and when a company like Cabal Tequila has a story as remarkable as this, it deserves to be shared. That’s precisely what we intend to do with our network of content creators and influencers.”

Everardo Gonzalez, the CEO Of Cabal Tequila added that “Our passion stems from the history and significance of our spirits and what it means to us to be Cabal. Cabal is planting seeds and sharing the fruits of our combined efforts. We believe the seeds we are planting with LQR House honors our motto to always have the spirit in our glass match the spirit of our company. Let us always be the best version of ourselves, let us always be Cabal.”

About LQR House Inc.

LQR House is a premier marketing agency specializing in the spirits and beverage industry. With an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and an unwavering commitment to innovation, LQR House empowers brands to excel in a fiercely competitive landscape. The company’s expertise encompasses brand development, pioneering marketing strategies, and dynamic influencer partnerships, facilitating clients in achieving their objectives and reaching unprecedented heights. Notably, LQR House distinguishes itself by crafting unique and tailored marketing solutions for alcohol brands. Moreover, the company has forged an exclusive partnership with the specialized alcohol beverage e-commerce platform, CWSpirits.com. This strategic collaboration enables LQR House to measure the return on investment (ROI) of its campaigns by directly correlating them with sales, leveraging AI on CWSpirits.com to enhance the customer experience and consistently drive conversions.

About Cabal Tequila

Cabal Tequila, a brand deeply committed to quality, integrates this dedication into every facet of its operations. With a history dating back to 1911, this family-owned establishment oversees every row within their single estate ‘campo,’ meticulously eliminating any impurities and ‘malezas.’ Situated in Amatitan, recognized as the birthplace of tequila, Campo Cabal benefits from the fertile soils of Los Valles, resulting in a unique and robust agave-forward flavor profile. Embracing the heritage of ‘charreria’ and ‘La Cabalgadura,’ known as CABALGADURA in Mexico, the brand maintains strong ties with the Hernandez and Montes family. The term “CABAL” itself, rooted in the Spanish word for gentleman, “caballero,” embodies the belief that one must strive to reach their fullest potential. The distinctive horsehead-shaped bottle design reflects the vibrant Charreria and horse culture of Jalisco, mirroring the nurturing of both horses and agave, instilling in each the passionate resolve to become both noble in spirit and a noble steed.

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